Organized by the provincial Party committee organized the province’s two learn to do a special educa

4 21 afternoon, the provincial Party Committee Organization Department held the "two a" study and education training, the provincial Party committee sent to Party committee secretary, Municipal Committee of Ministers of the organization, the county (city, district) committee secretary attended the training. Provincial Party committee, organization minister Hu Changsheng for special counseling.

Hu Changsheng pointed out, to participate in training students as the "two a" learning education organizers, to understand the central and provincial deployment requirements to further promote the study and education, effective landing in Qinghai. He stressed the need to further clarify the key content of education, earnestly study and discussion topics, lectures, organizational life and the Democratic Party appraisal and make contributions based on position and other provisions of the action; to further grasp the method of learning education, focus on the operation, outstanding can implement, seize the key, bold innovation, good tree typical. Adhere to the whole process of solving problems through the study and education; to further highlight the distinctive characteristics of learning education, firmly grasp the basic orientation of the regular education, to achieve "want me to learn" to "I want to learn", "play together" and "with" the responsibility, embody the "promoting work" and "see the effectiveness of the action.

Hu Changsheng requirements, Party committees (party) and leading cadres should have a high sense of responsibility, a strong sense of mission, with full enthusiasm, solid style, innovative spirit, good organization, carry out the study and education, to make education more characteristic, more fruitful. (Qing group)