How to choose a good dry cleaning shop

dry cleaners are indispensable in our life, with the rapid development of economy, the world of high-end brand to enter into our life, but the high-end clothing need special washing, now many dry cleaners to join, so how location is better?

choose a small dry cleaners, residential areas and schools are very good choice, the amount of investment is low, stable consumer groups, but also the relative location of the rent will be lower, is the first low-cost entrepreneurs.

small Hefei, it must choose the living area in a high level of consumption of white-collar workers, to ensure that the surrounding traffic is very convenient, wide audience, positioning the white-collar consumption level with medium dry cleaners are matched, traffic convenience will bring a wider audience, with the flow of people many stores, although more expensive, but the audience more will bring more profits.

talk about large dry cleaners, the site must be handled properly, in areas such as the bustling commercial district, rich areas? Villas, to consider the traffic situation and the large audiences, Hefei to customer service at the same time, there will be some costs go up, it is necessary to consider the surrounding consumer spending power, commercial areas, rich areas, there are villas, are generally high income crowd relatively large area flow. This site is very good.

is about the dry cleaners to join some of the site selection, choose a good address to make money. The franchise store location, to do a good job of positioning, optimistic about the audience, handled properly, only do this, can make you more money laundry dry cleaning shop more lucrative.