Merchants favor the city’s 16 business projects

In Xining city of fair trade service area project promotion conference, 16 commercial investment projects of mine water business district by the Xining City Department of Commerce of Xining is the main push of the Fifth Street Business District, a period of time square, rising by more than and 20, inside and outside the province business merchants favor. July 27th morning, organized by the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and trade services gathering area project site matchmaking, in the city’s major business areas for on-site docking. From inside and outside the province more than and 20 business customers, has come to the Jianguo Road Commercial District, wells Lane Central Business District, the Lake District Central Business District, visited the site in the construction of the business district, on-site docking project related to negotiate. It is reported that the business enterprise customers to carry out on-site project matchmaking, to attract foreign well-known commercial brands into Xining, so that more enterprises understand the brand layout of Xining City, to further enhance the level of service to the public. Participants of the foreign trade enterprises on behalf of the proposal, such as the introduction of such promotional activities should be normalized, so that more business enterprises to understand and participate in the investment activities in Xining. The scene in the core business district of the Lake District, the construction site workers of various projects are being carried out in full swing construction, saw a building erected, a large commercial building neatly divided, visit customers have said the development potential of the core business district of Sea Lake District, the investment environment is superior. Merchants from Huarun ten thousand said that in the understanding of the construction of the core business district of the Sea Lake District, the greater confidence in the development of the new Lake District settled. It is understood that the 16 commercial investment project promoted by the distribution of three counties in the four district of Xining city center commercial area, is the focus of the development of commercial areas of Xining city in the future, have a higher commercial and investment value.