Provincial Standing Committee, party secretary Wang Jianjun Xining census work


listen to the relevant departments on the preparatory work for the census report in-depth City District warehouse door street offices before Camp Street Community Research   further West District Tiger Taiwan Street office staff survey to a detailed understanding of the situation of the city’s census preparatory work affirmed, and put forward the requirements of   for the next step;   July 30th Wang Jianjun, Secretary of the provincial Party committee, city leaders Su Rong, statistics in the city census leading group, vice mayor Gu Guoquan and the City Council, City District, west district responsible comrades accompanied by research, the city’s sixth national census preparatory work. Wang Jianjun stressed that the census is to implement the vivid practice of Scientific Outlook on Development’s project is a large and complicated social system, must from the thought and cognition, action closely attaches great importance to the deployment, in accordance with the law, scientific, timely, true, in order to carry out this work, trying to make the Xining census work at the forefront of the province. Wang Jianjun and his entourage came to the city district warehouse door street offices before Camp Street community and the west area of the tiger Taiwan Street office, a detailed understanding of population structure, census, buildings equipped with verification of preparation, carefully check the preliminary draw the census area map and building information table, asked in detail about the difficulties and problems. Then, listen to the report on the work of the Municipal Bureau of statistics, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau and other relevant departments on census preparatory work, account consolidation and funding, Wang Jianjun on the city’s census preparatory work fully affirmed. Finally, the Secretary Wang made an important speech. He said: the municipal government for the city’s census preparatory work is satisfactory. Take this opportunity, on behalf of the municipal Party committee and municipal government to thank the leaders at all levels and all staff engaged in the work of the census". On the next census work, Wang stressed the need to adhere to the three increase. Ability to improve statistical work. That is, every person engaged in the census work, we must grasp the basic principles and methods of statistical work to improve the quality of statistical data. Is to collect the data to be true and accurate; improve the credibility of government statistics. Is the final report to the province and the country’s data to stand the test of history. Only to understand the principle, grasp the method, find out the base, questions do not down, the census work is not good. To adhere to the three close. Close to reality, close to the masses, close to life. Three Xining county is four area in the region, Xining is the masses including the floating population in the global population, life in Xining is all citizens the basic necessities of life, illness and death, weddings and funerals. Census point of view is "universal", census scope to be as wide as possible, do not stay dead; foothold in the investigation, census projects to be as much as possible, do not leave blank. To adhere to the three linkage. Urban counties to linkage, districts and towns do linkage, the town of village clubs to do linkage. Census work is a bottom-up, a level of responsibility for the work, we should attach importance to the linkage between the various levels. Public security,;