Xining City Commission for Discipline nspection issued a notice to strengthen the management of the

National Day on the eve of the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a notice on Further Strengthening the management of the bus during the holidays to strengthen the notice, on the bus management during the holidays made rigid requirements.

the "notice" requirements, non government organs and institutions of the party members, cadres and workers use the bus to make arrangements for the marriage, fishing, tourism, entertainment and send their children to school activities during the holidays; strict implementation of the municipal government "on the strengthening and standardizing the municipal departments and units of official vehicles management implementation measures" and "on the municipal authorities units of the official car logo management notice" provisions; required to post the official car logo, to ensure that the official car logo posted specifications; earnestly implement the party and government organs and institutions during the holidays bus archiving system, because of the need to use the bus shall be submitted for approval pursuant to the provisions; the main party leaders to fulfill the first responsibility of the person. To strengthen the leadership of the management of official vehicles during the holidays, strengthen publicity and education of cadres and drivers, make Consciously abide by the provisions.

it is reported that the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau will not regularly during the holidays for each unit of the bus management conducted a thorough investigation. For orders and prohibitions, units and individuals in violation of discipline against the wind, will be notified within the city, a serious adverse impact on the plot, to pursue the unit leadership responsibility.