How to operate the leisure catering industry

leisure catering industry and traditional catering industry is different, there are great differences in the operation, the casual dining is very free, very suitable for the development of modern restaurants, unique mode of operation, the style of the decoration, so many people feel sympathy, which completes the operation is the key, next to colleagues about how it is operation.

, a concept of management. The concept of business is divided into two, one is the sign concept, sign the first impression I have done wrong, porridge to others before it, roast effect is good, the customer signs will have a clear concept of consumption, but there is a time to do a delicacy Zhuang situation is very miserable, because customers go after not feeling a lot of delicacy is very disappointed, so to grasp the concept of the sign. Two is the promotion concept.

two, personnel structure. A lot of restaurants will feel too much spending on staff salaries, and work efficiency is also very low. In fact there are many holes are exposed in the management aspect, one is not the best, especially a comprehensive assessment of the factors without the attention in the technical aspects, such as the kitchen staff understand a line as long as it is not very good, must know more than three technology. In order to ensure that at any time there is a complete operating team to deal with all kinds of mutations (such as the business was excellent, or an employee is temporarily unable to post).

three, there is no reasonable arrangement of the staff time. My former customers often mention is that their employees actually tired, casual restaurant business a long time, unable to ensure adequate personnel is not enough, as managers need according to the customer flow of the Business Hours section, the actual situation of each staff, arrange a morning, one evening, a shift fork. This practice is the most important thing to do when busy busy, not many people can not stay idle.

The development of

because of casual dining and traditional catering operations are different, so can not blindly imitate the traditional catering operations, in fact, leisure catering operation is very simple, the above article is.