Entrepreneurial employment, six activities significant results

There are jobs

home, I believe that more people are reluctant to leave the hometown in Sichuan Meishan City, Qingshen County for local people to provide very good employment opportunities, I believe that with the support of the people, the economic development of Qingshen county will get better.

"work at home than the coastal poor, as long as you are willing to dry, dry, dry to practical, as there is sufficient space for development and opportunities for advancement." 18, as Minister of Qingshen County of Meishan City, deen machinery production of Cao Yong as usual, early in the morning they came to the workshop layout work tasks in a day.

Matchmaking in Qingshen County employment sector

"wife living in Qingshen, always separated, separated by half a Chinese. Now the whole family has been living together." Lan Sheng is quite satisfied with the living and working environment.

It is reported that

many local rural perennial nobody, they had to go out to work for a living, it also hindered the development of rural economy, therefore, is the primary work of development to help people solve the employment problem.



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