Mission of the provincial Party Committee for the youth to do ten things

March 24th, reporters from the provincial Party committee was informed that this year the Party promised to do ten things for teenagers, for young people to build the positive employment, poverty alleviation, improving quality platform, enhance the young people’s happiness and satisfaction in action.

it is understood that the province’s Youth League Committee promised to "ten things", gradually break the bottleneck problem of Qinghai youth entrepreneurship "financing", bigger and stronger loan financing platform, payment of youth entrepreneurship microfinance and Poverty Action in Qinghai Province youth employment fund loans to 50 million yuan; actively participate in the work of poverty alleviation. Held in poor villages and poor young leaders of the rich practical skills training; build Qinghai youth entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial characteristics of industry (project) external promotion platform, carry out looking for plateau youth hit off action "propaganda to support 30 projects (team); 800 volunteers recruited college students (the western region 300, Southern Qinghai, plan 400 the special 100), went to the grassroots volunteer service activities; the province’s 16 counties (districts) in primary and secondary schools in the allotted 1 sets of 65 system The young pioneers drum team equipment; carry out the "Sunshine Action" entrance decompression activities organized interactive decompression 15 sessions, students in more than 5000; the financing of 10 million yuan of project funds, the implementation of project hope in our province, the school students in poor areas, service life and study; carry out the "red scarf to the party: – meet Chinese dream" care for children of migrant workers, for the second season happy campus activities, carry out rich and diverse forms of "happy campus" activities in various regions into 5 schools within the province; to the province’s Pastoral youth "Qinghai Youth Daily" by the Tibetan, the 12, 2000 copies a week. Use "Qinghai Youth Daily", for the province to provide support for young people to show their talents to support the implementation of the Qinghai Youth Exchange program. During the summer, the organization of the province’s 30 ethnic minority college students to Hongkong and other developed regions to carry out a one week study tour, exchange and integration activities.