Daily 10 tons of cheap beef and mutton market

In order to meet the arrival of the national day and Eid al AdhA, to maximize the protection of meat supply, the city’s major commercial enterprises to open up supply channels, rich holiday merchandise. From October 1st to 10, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce to organize two meat companies to market ultra cheap beef and mutton. Beef price 26 yuan / kg, lamb price limit of 23 yuan / kg. It is understood that during the festival, the city Bureau of Commerce organized more than and 10 circulation enterprises around food, clothing, household appliances, food and beverage consumption hot spots, such as grain and oil, meat, eggs and other necessities of life supply. The Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center meat dispatching reserve enterprises to strengthen and Shandong, Henan, Gansu and other places of vegetables, meat and poultry transportation, increase market goods delivery, to ensure market supply and stabilize the market price. In addition, in order to meet the masses of the Muslim Eid al AdhA, during the period of October 1st to 10, organization of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the two companies on the Paterson Yutai halal beef and mutton to market price. Among them, the 3 Paterson meat direct vehicle sales in the East District of the city and district; 2 direct car sales company in the north of the city of Tai District and West district. 5 direct selling vehicles will be put on the day of 10 tons of beef and mutton, in the festive festival market, but also will bring great benefits to the public. According to the Municipal Bureau of Commerce responsible person, in order to guarantee the market order during the holiday season, our city circulation enterprises will start the daily monitoring system, will make the market supply and demand of grain, vegetables, meat and eggs and other important daily necessities and the price monitoring work of enterprises, timely supply, inventory and sales. Perfect the market supply contingency plans to ensure that during the holiday season, the necessities of life do not appear out of stock out of stock.