Sample survey data show that Xining residents continued to increase spending power

Xining City, take measures to increase the income of residents, residents’ consumption ability to continue to enhance. Xining National Bureau of investigation team released in February 13th sample survey data show that Xining residents in 2013 per capita household income of 22481.93 yuan, an increase of 14.9%; per capita disposable income of 19444.16 yuan, an increase of 10.3%. Per capita consumption expenditure 13606.61 yuan, an increase of 12.3%.

sampling survey data show that policy factors are still the main factors to promote the growth of wage income and transfer income of Xining residents. On the basis of increased income, the city’s residents to improve the level of consumption. From the constitution of food, clothing, housing, household equipment and services, health care, transportation and communication, education and entertainment, other goods and services "eight" consumption, in addition to housing, the other seven categories were more than two digit growth.