Qinghai customs boost local economic development to promote the rapid development of foreign trade i

10 month 6 days, the reporter learned from Xining customs, as the western inland underdeveloped areas of the customs, the customs of Xining was set up in 10 years, the service and promote the coordinated development of economy and society in Qinghai as the bounden duty, changing service concept, effectively promoted the rapid development of Qinghai foreign trade.

Xining customs enthusiastic support of local economic development, and constantly improve the service measures, in the business field to implement the "24 hours, no holiday" reservation declaration, "Shouwenfuze system" and "a single step" system, providing one-stop tracking service, and actively solve problems for enterprises, so as to promote the industry structure adjustment and upgrade, expand the opening, in order to adapt to the changes of Qinghai open economy development situation and the actual demand of import and export enterprises. Focus on the development of the park, as well as Saline Lake resources development, oil and gas, electrolytic aluminum, Tibetan carpets, ethnic costumes and other pillars, the characteristics of the industry to implement the "point to point" personalized service. With the development and Reform Commission, Economic Commission, commerce, inspection and quarantine departments to establish a cooperative mechanism for the key projects, enterprises to provide "door to door" service, a great convenience to the enterprise, effectively improve the efficiency of customs clearance.

of the national and provincial key projects of the service to do the "four adhere to the" special preparation of key projects, business tracking service table to implement tracking service for major projects and import and export enterprises, to ensure the smooth implementation of the project. In the construction of the Qinghai Tibet railway, Xining customs to overcome the difficulties of providing all the facilities for the import of equipment, to ensure the smooth clearance of imported equipment worth $300 million, the approval of the tax relief of more than 500 million yuan. Xining airport air port open fully prepared, in place, the smooth passage of the national acceptance.