Strengthen tax collection and management and strengthen the ability of service guarantee

8 18, the Provincial Standing Committee, deputy governor Zhang Guangrong went to the provincial tax bureau to investigate tax work. Zhang Guangrong and his party came to the Xining Local Taxation Bureau audio and video command center, the provincial land tax bureau information center and authorities, a detailed understanding of tax administration, information technology, and other cadres and workers. Zhang Guangrong pointed out that in recent years, the province’s tax system around the central task, adhere to the tax law, optimize the tax service, follow up the reform and innovation, has overfulfilled the task, has made outstanding contributions to the province’s economic and social development.

Zhang Guangrong stressed that tax revenue is not only the main tool, but also an important lever to regulate the economy. Local tax departments at all levels should conscientiously implement the spirit of the twelve plenary session of the provincial Party committee, and earnestly strengthen the tax collection and management, and constantly enhance the ability to support services; twelve. In order to consolidate the current good situation on the basis of continue to grasp the income organization, and strive to achieve the objectives and tasks of the annual contribution. The need to reform and innovation throughout the whole process of tax work, undertake to implement good replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) resource tax collection system reform of national level reform tasks at the same time, and actively cultivate the local tax system, promote the integration of information technology and the depth of tax collection and management, improve the tax supervision mechanism, innovation of the tax service, to construct a new harmonious relationship. Must adhere to strict management, earnestly implement the a pair of responsibility, and effectively use the system of tubes steward. We must adhere to the people-oriented, pay attention to training, improve the personnel strong tax, clean from tax protection mechanism, promote the local tax work to a new level.