Qinghai 48 enterprises direct financing 42 billion 971 million

10 11, the reporter learned from the provincial finance office, as of the end of this year, Qinghai, the province’s key enterprises to achieve direct financing of $42 billion 971 million, an increase of 33.33%, the completion of the annual target of $50 billion of $85.94% in the task of 48. In the context of bank credit continued to shrink, direct financing has become an important choice for the development of enterprises in our province.

this year, the face of the economic downturn and structural adjustment, multiple pressure, Finance Office of the provincial Party committee and provincial government fully implement the important arrangements on the supply side structural reforms to enhance the service deployment, optimization and function to promote capital market supply as the main line, in order to expand direct financing as a guarantee of key enterprises financing needs, reduce an important starting point the cost of financing, actively and effectively promote our province direct financing scale to maintain steady and rapid growth.

as of the end of 9, 48 provincial key enterprises direct financing 42 billion 971 million yuan, which through the inter-bank market financing 10 billion 360 million yuan, accounting for 24.11% of the total direct financing, by Huarong assets and other non banking financial institutions financing 7 billion 740 million yuan, accounting for 18.01% of the total direct financing; through equity investment or industrial investment fund 8 billion 184 million yuan, accounting for a total of 19.05% direct financing; listed companies starting IPO and private placement financing 3 billion 943 million yuan, accounting for 9.18% of the total direct financing; Qinghai equity trading center for the 13 small and medium-sized private enterprises to issue bonds of 523 million yuan, accounting for 0.02% of the total direct financing.

at the same time, focus on doing business listing services. As of the end of 9, our province has a total of 11 listed companies, the new three board listed 4 companies, regional equity trading market, the Qinghai Stock Exchange Center listed companies number 275, a total of 291 listed enterprises; listed reserve resources database of the enterprise expanded to 153. Fund financing is committed to play a supporting role, and actively guide qualified projects and good economic benefits, strong solvency of enterprises through equity financing, the introduction of investment funds and other ways to raise funds, to further optimize the financing structure. As of the end of 9, our province jurisdiction by the industrial and commercial registration of various types of funds (enterprise) 22, the total size of the fund is about 63 billion 974 million yuan, the strong support of the city infrastructure construction, high-tech enterprises and strategic emerging industry development.