Xining gold jewelry sales

Monkey spring festival is approaching, January 16th, the reporter visited the provincial capital of some shopping malls and supermarkets to see, gold jewelry sales fiery, especially in the zodiac monkey for the shape of gold is very popular with the public.

Simon in the provincial capital of several large shopping malls, compared with other shops, shop in choosing accessories full of people. In a gold shop in the Wangfujing shopping malls, buy gold crowded stores, five or six store sales staff busy, not only to the customer out of fancy style, but also other answer customer inquiries. Recently, more and more people to buy gold jewelry, especially on the weekend, too busy to drink water, if it is a good new style, such as the new year of the Monkey Pendant, basically less than a week will be sold out." Busy to help customers choose the product of Lili in the gap with the pendant said.

"immediately to the year of the monkey, which several other Golden Monkey Pendant is very popular." In the provincial capital of Richpower commercial street, a gold shop, every kind of "golden monkey" pendant, gold was placed in the main push position counter.

"these year gold pendant is put on just a few days ago, over time there may be a new style. The size is different, the price is also different, ordinary in 1000 dollars or so, heavy on some expensive." Gold shop sales staff, to buy the "golden monkey" jewelry consumers for parents, in addition to the purchase for new born "baby monkey", there are many parents buy jewelry as a souvenir for the golden monkey child in addition to a year of fate, the value of the collection, also symbolizes good luck.