Xining city vehicle administration to implement the ten measures to implement a window service

Xining city vehicle management to implement the traffic management services to the masses of the ten measures, the implementation of a window service.

Ministry of public security traffic management services to the masses of the ten measures will be implemented in July 1st. To this end, Xining city vehicle management according to the existing conditions and service facilities re integration of resources to enhance the vehicle business management level, from July 1st onwards, Xining city vehicle administration can handle all business acceptance window of vehicle and driver business at the same time, in conjunction with the 6 medical institutions based on mutual information transmission network driver examination, the masses do not have to go to the DMV to submit proof.

Xiong Jiashu, deputy director of Xining city vehicle management:

we developed software, the parties to the DMV and I do not need to fill in the form for business license, the police to help you put the window table out, sign the form on it.

it is understood that the Xining City Vehicle Administration for the convenience of the masses to apply for driver’s license certification business, in addition to vehicle and traffic command center, has three counties in the four district of Xining City, the fifteen Traffic Police Brigade squadron and the establishment of a handle network. In addition to the driver does not have a physical examination, replacement and other non normal circumstances need to apply to the vehicle administration, to these outlets can be completed within a few minutes formalities. The driver physical examination can choose the nearest Provincial People’s Hospital, Affiliated Hospital of Qinghai University, Xining First People’s Hospital and other medical institutions six, go to the nearest inspection point to print a copy of the receipt can be qualified.

Datong, Huangyuan, Huangzhong three county driver license examination and examination by the local traffic police brigade and county-level medical institutions can apply for.