Strengthening and improving the work of Township People’s Congress in Huangyuan

in order to further strengthen and improve the township party committee leadership over the work of the NPC, play the functions of grass-roots local organs of state power, combined with the implementation of the party’s eighteen and eighteen sessions of the third and fourth plenary session of the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech, the day before, "the CPC Huangyuan County Committee on Further Strengthening and improving the work of Township People’s Congress opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") issued to the Township People’s Congress to play the role of clear responsibilities, which laid a foundation.

it is understood that the "opinions" to promote the township’s work from the grasp of the general requirements, the Township People’s Congress Presidium standardized construction, according to the organization of Township People’s Congress meeting, play a good role of Township People’s Congress, and effectively improve the supervision effectiveness, promote system innovation, strengthen the leadership of the Township People’s Congress Township People’s Congress organization the seven part consists of twenty-one of the township to strengthen and standardize the work of the npc. "Opinions" pointed out that the Township People’s Congress is the most grass-roots local organs of state power, is an important part of the people’s Congress system; according to the Qinghai province township people’s Congress work regulations, to further clarify the Township People’s Congress Presidium and Township People’s Congress Chairman duties; strengthen the organization of work requirements, prior to the party committees the report, and organize representatives to carry out inspection and research activities, extensive collection of public opinion; the Township People’s Congress to focus on priorities and concerns of the masses, the organization members of the Presidium and the National People’s Congress to carry out inspections, inspection and appraisal work, put forward to accelerate the development and improvement of work; adhere to the problem oriented, and strive to explore new methods and mechanism to do the Township People’s Congress the summary of the work of the law, establish and improve the work system, reform and innovation to promote the work of the NPC township, Perfect development. The Township People’s Congress to work around the Central Party committee, and actively carry out the work report to the chairman of the National People’s Congress; Township Party Committee Organization Department to work regularly, and report the individual written report; the Township People’s Congress system of the National People’s Congress cadres should strengthen confidence, strengthen the concept of the masses, deepen the feelings, enhance the consciousness to serve the people first.