Xining held a non-public enterprise party building two coverage pilot demonstration

Xining city and North City of non-public enterprises party building "two cover" pilot demonstration will be held recently, to further explore how to effectively promote the "two coverage", give full play to the party organization of non-public enterprises, to further accelerate the non-public economy and rapid development.

it is reported that, in recent years, since the three counties of Xining city and district four non-public economic organizations of the Party committee set up in the strong guidance of Party committees and governments at all levels, continuous innovation, strengthening measures, perfect mechanism, rich carrier, and promote the non-public enterprises party building work, the leadership system gradually perfect, the two coverage (i.e. there are members of the non-public enterprises Party organizations to achieve coverage of non-public enterprises party members of the party’s work did not achieve full coverage) continues to expand, team quality improved significantly, effectively play the role of tangible, continue to strengthen security work, and achieved remarkable results. At the end of October, the city’s non-public enterprises has reached 11609, the registered capital of 27 billion 122 million yuan, up to 351 thousand employees, set up party organizations in non-public economic organizations of 559, a total of 6097 members of the Communist party. On the basis of the original 246 party building instructor, this year, to the 71 non-public enterprises assigned to the work of the 96 party instructors.