Xining grid to crack down on illegal operations

in order to further deepen the city road passenger transport market supervision, improve the efficiency of transport inspection work, to effectively combat illegal operations such as the phenomenon, the recent Xining yunguanchu full implementation of the "new city road passenger transport market inspection mechanism of regional linkage, grid inspection, using grid inspection way to combat illegal trading and other illegal acts.

it is reported that the transport inspection departments will be divided into 4 Xining downtown area, 16 grid units, a set of people, posts, will be responsible, reward and punishment system "quality management system in regional grid responsible personnel responsibility mark". In addition, the implementation of grid inspection tasks, to take the city’s centralized inspection and inspection methods. From time to time by the inspection inspection points, on duty early afternoon, the evening of three period inspection, and according to the need of grid management, actively coordinating public security, traffic police, urban management and other departments, strengthen communication and coordination between departments.

currently, yunguanchu inspection team has law enforcement personnel stationed to the Yangtze River Road, North Street, 54 street, 71 road and other main roads, the implementation of more than one post responsibility system, all law enforcement officers in their daily work and the overall supervision of the taxi capacity car appearance, illegal operation and other illegal acts and, at the same time take the illegal operation of vehicles to choose the passengers were persuaded to publicize the dangers and take the illegal operation of vehicles, to further improve the work quality and efficiency.