The province’s conventional single crystal battery production conversion efficiency for the first ti

recently, the upper reaches of the Yellow River Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. in the conventional P single crystal battery technology to achieve new breakthroughs in the development of the conventional single crystal cell average conversion efficiency for the first time exceeded 20%, reaching 20.13%.

high reliability, high conversion efficiency, low cost, is the development trend of photovoltaic industry. The Yellow River Upstream Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. to make full use of existing production lines, and constantly improve product quality, reduce production costs. 9 special teams were set up at the beginning of this year to carry out research on new products and technologies of batteries and components to ensure the advanced nature of conventional products and research and development products, and further enhance the core competitiveness. The production line of conventional single crystal cell average conversion efficiency exceeded 20%, the package 60 efficient solar module specifications power up to 285 watts, can not increase in the cost of production of the additional conditions will improve more than 5 watt power components. High conversion efficiency will lead to lower cost of power plant construction and higher return on investment.