Seongbuk Gangcheng kindergarten food safety open day activities

in order to further improve the level of food safety management in kindergartens, to ensure the safety of children in the garden. The morning of June 14th, steel city kindergartens combined with the food safety awareness week activities, to launch the "food safety open day" special activities organized for the first time, more than 20 representatives of parents to visit, observe the kindergarten canteen food hygiene.
the kindergarten to carry out food safety city open day "activities, is a new attempt in our district kindergarten family circle co education activities open. Through the activity, not only make the parents for the supervision and understanding of the kindergarten canteen food safety work, improve between kindergarten and parents trust and understanding, but also for the region of the kindergarten to further strengthen and improve the food safety management of canteen, realize open office park, and continuously improve the level of office park has made the example.