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when necessary relevant auxiliary examination to be identified, such as breast mammography, breast fibroadenoma can often be seen round or oval uniform density shadow around the visible transparent halo around the ring, which can distinguish from breast hyperplasia.

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breast cancer breast masses were round or oval, or irregular, hard as stone, bump surface less smooth, poor activity, prone to skin and adhesion with the surrounding tissue, the mass rapid growth, with unlimited growth and long to large, ipsilateral axillary lymph node often swelling, age of onset is 35 years old were more common, especially in older women.

breast cystic masses have cystic sex, activity is not as large as adenomas, and more in the pregnancy and lactation, the breast cyst in addition to the clinical features of breast hyperplasia. In addition, the feasibility of mass puncture to be identified, the adenoma is a solid mass, no liquid; and the cyst can be taken out of milk or serous liquid.


breast mammography, circular or oval transparent halo fibroadenoma visible uniform density shadow and its surrounding; breast cancer tumors, visible small calcification, abnormal vessels and burr etc.. It is necessary to distinguish the cytological examination and histopathological examination with the help of histological evidence.

(3) of breast fibroadenoma and breast cancer: both see painless breast lump, mostly solitary. Fibroadenoma of the breast tumors were round or oval, tough texture, smooth surface, clear boundary, activity, tumor growth is slow, generally 1 ~ 3cm were more common and more than 5cm rare, ipsilateral axillary lymph node enlargement, the age of onset in patients under 30 years old to see.

(1) breast fibroadenoma and breast hyperplasia can be seen: the two breast masses, single or multiple, real tough texture. But the mass of breast fibroadenoma with unilateral solitary lesions are more common, mostly round or oval, clear boundary, free, painless mass and tenderness, no obvious relationship with the menstrual cycle, the age of onset in patients under 30 years old.

hyperplasia of breast mass with bilateral multiple is more common, which was nodular and massive or granular, soft or hard brittle, tumors often have obvious pain and tenderness, and the menstrual cycle changes, the entire breast before menstruation often feeling, can alleviate after, the age of onset to 30 years old were more common.

(2) breast fibroadenoma and breast cyst: both see painless breast lump, mostly unilateral and solitary, clear boundary, smooth surface. But the mass of breast fibroadenoma cyst texture is slightly hard and tough, no cystic, activity of cyst is large, and the age of onset in 18 ~ 25 years old is the most common.