The first time in our province to carry out the selection of chief technician

recently, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security issued "on the 2016 annual Qinghai province enterprise unit chief technician recommended the selection of work notice", for the first time in the province of all types of ownership in the enterprise, carry out business unit chief technician directly engaged in the selection of skills to work in the production line or auxiliary post a year to the staff.


business unit chief technician selection implementation expert review system, in accordance with the openness, equality, competition, merit principle, the applicant will be awarded the "Qinghai province enterprise chief engineer" honorary title, and given the high skilled personnel per capita disposable 10000 yuan of government subsidies. At the same time, in the evaluation of professional titles, the national and provincial level excellent talents of advanced model selection etc. to give priority to support the chief technician in the enterprise (units) in combination with the actual situation, give some allowance, the welfare benefits. To carry out the business unit chief technician selection work is in-depth implementation of talent strategy, promote enterprises to better play the main responsibility for cultivating talents, to further promote the construction of high skilled talents in the province, an important measure of high skilled talents flow channel selection.