Relax the conditions for the private economy open

as of the end of last year, the city’s industrial and commercial system of newly registered private enterprises 2873, individual industrial and commercial households 17335, when the number of new households grew by 33% and 30%. This year, to actively cultivate the market main body, to further improve the environment for development, encourage, support and guide more to accelerate the development of private economy, this year, the business sector will be from three aspects of the relaxation of market access conditions, to promote the city Small and micro businesses and private economic growth.

It is reported that this year the city of

, Industrial and Commercial Bureau will be in accordance with the "convenient and efficient, standardized and unified, wide into the strict control of the principle from the following three aspects to relax market access conditions.

in terms of access conditions: to further relax the conditions for registration of registered capital; relaxed corporate domicile (place of business) registration conditions, "according to a multi site" and "according to a multi site registration; relaxed business scope, mode of operation restrictions, allowing companies to decide the operating period; simplify the enterprise registration materials; relaxation enterprise in the name of the administrative division, industry characteristics and change approval limits, to carry out the remote approval of enterprise name online.

in the simplification of business registration aspects: further decentralization of corporate registration jurisdiction, simplify registration procedures and review links to provide online registration, information disclosure services. In the registration window and department website, electronic screen open registration matters, basis, conditions, procedures, contents and materials to be submitted for the results, providing guides and information services to the masses, to facilitate the masses.

in the implementation of the registered capital subscribed system: speeding up the reform of the registered capital subscribed system, implemented by the shareholders (promoters) autonomous agreement subscribed capital contribution, and the contribution period on the contribution of authenticity and legitimacy of the system, reduce the run cost.