The final showdown seven jury will gather

"I hope that all the young people love movies together, try to make a good movie, the quality should be more than us, we put this generation down, or turn into your fans. So the world will progress!" 2013 China · Xu Anhua, chairman of the jury of the FIRST Youth Film Festival in Xining, expressed his expectations for the film show.

it is understood that the Festival Organizing Committee received a total of 1004 films, these films are free and independent multiple open, although the number has declined compared with the previous film, but the overall quality is high, give a person a kind of find everything fresh and new feeling. The 60 main competition units selected for the film festival will be presented to you as the most representative and most exploratory new youth image of the year. 2013 Chinese · Xining FIRST Youth Film Festival Special Jury President Xu Anhua and members of the jury Li Pingbin, Xu Zheng, Zhang Zhiliang, Frankie Chan and reed, Betsy  Pollock  for each movie will make a comment, and encourage the young director to insist on his own artistic creation.

reporter learned that, in July 26th, the final resolution meeting, the seven judges will gather together to determine the final list of winners.