Actively cultivate the power system and build a new growth pattern

Even Japan, Zhang Guangrong, Provincial Committee Dorje Geltan, Ma Shunqing, Zhang Jianmin, Wang Xiao, Zhang Ximing, Wang Yubo, Dan, Hu Changsheng, attended the five meeting of the twelve session of the NPC delegation (Group) for review, discussion around the government work report and the 13th Five-Year plan draft and delegates.

we believe that over the past year, the whole province under complex situation is difficult and challenging and more heavy task, to maintain stable and rapid economic development achievements, to achieve the "12th Five-Year" plan a successful ending, remarkable achievement, bright scene, inspiring. The current and future periods, to fully implement the new concept of "five development", closely around the province’s "131" General requirements, ningxinjuli, overcome difficulties, forge ahead in unity.

we think, in the future work, to grasp the general requirements of the 13th Five-Year plan draft, conscientiously implement the spirit of the central and provincial deployment, the development of our province in the country to the overall planning, focus on building a well-off society, goal oriented, combined with the environment and the characteristics of the present stage of development, highlighting the characteristics of Qinghai to strengthen the planning, implementation of "convergence, a series of major strategic province and major measures during the period of 13th Five-Year". To grasp the positive regulation policy tone, not only to respect the market choice, and continue to implement positive industrial policy, focus on long-term, medium-term policy cycle, I do not get off the ground to maintain strategic concentration, a blueprint drawn in the end, laying the foundation to do more work on the long term.