Deputy director of the Xining Transportation Bureau a few taxi health situation is disappointing

February 28th, Yu Jinyuan, deputy director of the Xining Municipal Transportation Bureau in Xining and more than a dozen taxi drivers on behalf of the exchange forum, said: a small number of taxi health situation I am very disappointed!"

from February 1st to February 5th, Xining yunguanchu inspection team of law enforcement officers found in the city of Xining taxi capacity car seat cushion, seat cover, appearance change check, 322 taxi problem does not regulate the health status of more or less, 39 car is rather poor. At the same time, during the Spring Festival, 110 received a public transport vehicle because the taxi is too dirty, dirty clothes in which passengers reported. In this regard, Jinyuan said: "the government is in the taxi industry as much as possible relief costs, provide a relaxed business environment, but a few taxi capacity car appearance is not standard, which makes the government, departments and the people are very dissatisfied." Accordingly, Xining yunguanchu taxi management department according to the actual situation of the original "Xining taxi management regulations" in the provisions of the standard capacities appearance of the car is not elaborate, to the majority of taxi drivers soliciting opinions, plans to introduce the "Xining city taxi capacity car appearance standard".

"we can refrain from smoking in the car, but some passengers smoke, we really can not say, can not be posted in the car smoking slogans." A driver takes the lead in speaking. Cao Qian said: we ask us to do a good job of health, in fact, for our own good, clean car, willing to take the car naturally more people, which is tantamount to help us earn money!" Cao Qian’s speech drew applause from everyone.

several taxi drivers representative, in Jinyuan said, the competent authorities of the drivers’ demands and not to damage the interests of others, but to establish the image of the taxi industry, the seat cushion, unified taxi driver embodies the spirit of good, I hope you think of a way to solve the problem with us. (author:

  and CuO);