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  echo search: to achieve new breakthroughs in 2012· industry; influence: accelerate the development of industries, vigorously develop circular economy, the county economy is more perfect, the development of modern service industry just unfolding, Kumbum Monastery scenic area 5A successfully created, the development of tourism and cultural integration more vitality…… 2012, Xining to industrial development as the support, the economy took off, a benefit and the people’s livelihood, the development of the rich people’s results came. News playback: January 10th, dealers in the Gan River Industrial Park, I saw here factories have sprung up, one from north to south, across the East Park Road extends to the household enterprises, with industrial products through carts in the park…… In addition to the original rolling mill in Qinghai, Qinghai second fertilizer plants and some small industrial and mining enterprises, is a barren land and mountains. Now, into the Gan River Industrial Park, mechanical roar, everywhere a busy scene. This is just a microcosm of the steady improvement of the city’s industrial economy. In the global economic downturn, the domestic economy downward pressure on the situation, in 2012, the city continued to enhance the endogenous driving force of economic development, investment and consumption synergistic effect of economic development significantly. Sixty policy development ten measures to seriously implement the provincial government to deal with the outstanding problems of the industrial economy and support Small and micro businesses, to adjust the structure to the way, to accelerate the development of industries, vigorously develop circular economy, and actively promote the development of Small and micro businesses. Financing 200 million yuan to support the construction of Xining economic and Technological Development Zone infrastructure. Carry out the "help businesses, steady growth, structural adjustment, set up Small and micro businesses and service center, serving the main market, 2653 new enterprises, to achieve a major breakthrough in cultivating the main body of market, improve the quality of economic development in Xining. Careful people will notice that there are more and more places to choose furniture. With the fact that the home, home, such as the United States and settled in Xining, the country’s famous brand of furniture in Xining can almost buy. Before the movie, they often choose Qinghai theater, now Jiahe, Ding an orange sky theater, Xixia Saatchi brothers studios studios have opened, sleeping for many years Xining film and television industry with vigor and vitality. In 2012, our city investment as an important work, optimize the business format, to have strength and competitiveness of commercial enterprises settled in Xining, Xinhua Department store, Parkson, WAL-MART and a number of well-known business enterprises landing in Xining, the new Hualian Plaza, West Street and other commercial complex construction, and further optimize the economic structure of Xining trade. Xining City, pregnant with enormous consumption potential. Annual production value is expected to increase 37 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of $three, an increase of 11.6%. The birth of the service industry has become the city’s main source of social employment. 2012 Xining;