Part of the institutions of Dr.

reporter from the provincial human resources and social security department learned that the day before, agreed to by the provincial government approval, the provincial Party Committee Organization Department, the provincial agency office jointly issued the "2016 Qinghai provincial institutions open recruitment of staff notice". This year, the province’s 40 departments belong to the provincial government institutions will be open to the community for the recruitment of 1225 staff, some of which will be set at the threshold of doctoral degree and master’s degree students in the.

total recruitment breakthrough one thousand jobs

in order to promote the employment of college graduates in our province, and actively attract talented people, this year, the provincial units to provide adequate recruitment, the total amount of recruitment for 4 consecutive years to break through the post of one thousand. The recruitment number of the top 10 are: province traffic hall 335, 181 provincial health and Family Planning Commission, the Provincial Department of land resources (including geological prospecting bureau, Province Nonferrous Geological Prospecting Bureau) 104, Qinghai University 87, Qinghai Normal University 80, Qinghai National University in 67, the provincial food and drug administration, 48 Provincial Department of education 36, 33 Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry, the Provincial Bureau of prisons 25.

recruitment involves many kinds of

this year’s recruitment, from job categories, covering the business unit management, professional and technical workers and other categories of jobs, both professors, physicians, researchers and other technology intensive jobs, there are cooks, plumbers, Platelayers etc. ground work jobs; from the industry categories, including almost professional field education, health, scientific research, land transportation, water conservancy, environmental protection and other industries; from the academic level, academic requirements 89 doctoral students, accounting for 7.3%, 280 graduate students, 548 undergraduate, accounting for 22.9%, accounting for 44.7%, college and below 308, accounting for 25%; from the recruitment range, for the country accounted for 47.5% of the province accounted for 52.5%. In addition, there are 150 positions retired soldiers orientation, there are 26 jobs involving Tibetan language and other ethnic affairs.

college students choose to make a big change

this year will be the full implementation of the autonomy of the province of universities, 233 colleges and universities recruitment according to the prescribed procedures by its own organization and implementation; on the part of 134 special post units, such as announcer, dance, cook, special education, art workers and service position to take the "examination employment" way and do not participate in the unified written examination, interview, the employer of a comprehensive test capabilities, to organize the recruitment, full respect for institutions with rules and characteristics; strictly control the on-the-job personnel examination, stable grassroots cadres personnel.

according to reports, to ensure that the open recruitment fair, provincial Party Committee Organization Department, the office of human resources will be the same as the employing units and departments, and strictly control the recruitment of each link, ensure the recruitment fair, open and transparent. In addition to the secret link, the implementation of the information, processes and results are in the open recruitment examination; examination under the premise to ensure the safety, the key links in the written examination, marking the initiative to invite NPC deputies and CPPCC members, the news media, the candidates parents supervise;