A hundred flowers feast will Xining on the table

asked in early February flower, renmiantaohuaxiangyang red, Xining city public outing season! The climate is warm, the two day Park, garden and street trees are a piece of peach blossom, clusters of flowers, Canruo Yunxia, Lin in the beautiful, subtle fragrance floating, that enter the Ornamental Peach in our city every night.

In order to build the

plateau Huacheng, in recent years, increasing the variety of flowering shrubs such as clove flower and flowering plum forsythia, such as planting efforts, parks, streets and lanes of green space and green belt, are equipped with planted shrubs, spring flowers in full bloom in urban areas basically formed the scene.

according to the city Bureau of parks technical staff, this year due to the heat of the climate than in previous years, the germination of trees slightly earlier, these two days willow, elm trees have sprouted. Some of the streets, parks, the courtyard is flowering, which is due to the regional climate caused by the relatively warm. Go into the park, the reporter saw here is peach bloom, in a green background, peach pink petals delicate, like the girl raised face, filled with youthful color; some Forsythia also laicourenao, reveal a yellow flower, shy to greet the spring sunshine; the tulip also bear I have exposed sharp angle.

I, the most beautiful season is coming, parks, green space, high streets and back lanes, Tanchun, flowering plum, forsythia, clove and other flowers will in turn open, pink, yellow, purple…… A hundred flowers feast will add vitality and vitality to the city, so that the general public more cheerful mood. (author: Xiao Yan)