Xining police cracked the case of theft of large jade

May 27th, Xining police cracked a case of theft of jade, the suspect Kim was arrested in Xining police in Beijing, has been under criminal detention, the police will recover 3 million yuan worth of jade.

the evening of May 11th, Xining City, South Gate Street, a jade shop, jade bracelets, jade jade, jade Guanyin, etc. 3 million yuan worth of jade take wings to itself. Xining City Public Security Bureau Public Security Bureau police brigade police rushed to the scene after receiving the report, quickly set up a task force to investigate. Police found a hole in the balcony of the store and the kitchen where the gap is to infer that the thief is from here into the store to steal. According to clues left by the scene, the police concluded that the acquaintance of the crime.

police after a lot of work, on the afternoon of May 23rd, will be an Internet cafe in Beijing suspects arrested Kim, and then found in the house he borrowed all stolen jade.