The city of Xining for 3 years 21 to create model index requirements

3 years for the city’s force model, Xining environmental quality has been greatly improved. The water flows through the Huangshui River in Xining to improve the overall compliance rate, the quality of drinking water source is 100%, the per capita public green area reached 10 square meters…… At present, the creation of national environmental protection model city 26 indicators, there are 21 indicators to achieve the creation requirements.

– Huangshuihe inferior to five types of water: I eliminate the city through water into the city, the sewage outfall remediation, closure of the comprehensive rectification measures sand factory, industrial wastewater treatment, the city’s 11 section water environment function zones compliance rate increased year by year, Xiaoxia exit section of water for the first time to reach 83.30%.

* the city’s first water was closed: in order to protect the safety of drinking water sources, the city to carry out a quarter of the water source to focus on the investigation of the risk, and completely shut down the first water source of Xining. Drinking water pollution accident occurred throughout the year, the city’s drinking water source water quality compliance rate of 100%.

* two waste center main body built: in 2012, a year earlier, the basic completion of the legacy of chromium residue disposal tasks. On this basis, the main body of Xining medical waste disposal center and Qinghai solid waste disposal center project is completed. Fight Lake wetland protection projects, and increase the sewage charges levied on excessive sewage units to curb environmental violations.

– clean energy use rate of 70%: as of 2012, natural gas in our city residents has reached 133 thousand households, 2510 users of 1260 boilers 6770 tons, 520 industrial and commercial users, users of 130, dual fuel vehicles nearly 7500 vehicles, the existing 15 CNG refueling stations in Xining City, clean energy utilization rate has reached 70%, far higher than the model index requirements.

– garbage harmless treatment rate increased: the city constantly improve the waste treatment plant infrastructure construction in 2012, Shen Zhai garbage plant built biogas power generation project, Liu Zhai landfill leachate treatment project started, garbage harmless treatment rate strengthen. (author: Rong Lijun)