The implementation of the six education poverty alleviation program into our province s

4 month 12 days, the reporter learned from the provincial education poverty alleviation mobilization meeting, the province to promote the accurate education out of poverty, try to find a clear, targeted for children of poor families, the actual situation and needs precise measures and policies, good policy portfolio to establish accurate education poverty alleviation policy system, the implementation of six educational anti-poverty programs. Pull the roots of poverty, ensure fairness.

implementation of basic education promotion program. To expand the coverage of pre-school education resources, let the children in poor areas have a more equitable growth starting line, let the children of poor families to receive compulsory education fair quality, the development of ordinary high school education, improve the education level of population in poor areas, and vigorously promote education information, let the students in poor areas enjoy high quality digital educational resources, promote education fair, improve the quality of education.

implementation of vocational education, higher education poverty action plan. Invested 460 million yuan, the construction of 14 secondary vocational schools, focusing on the construction of the six state vocational schools; professional support, agriculture animal husbandry and veterinary Career Technical College animal husbandry specialty construction, training of skilled technical personnel. Accelerate the construction of the national science and Technology Park of Qinghai University, the new campus of Qinghai Normal University, and the project construction of Qinghai people’s University of science and technology of. Increase the training of skilled personnel and labor transfer training in poor areas, to guide the two epigenetic to receive vocational education and skills training, to meet the "two epigenetic" Vocational education.

implementation of education grants Huimin program. 15 years of free education. Comprehensive implementation of policies, to achieve free, fill, pipe measures effective convergence, simultaneous development. In the spring of 2016 the school has six students from poor families to all students and Xining, Haidong two preschool three years, nine years of compulsory education, high school and vocational three years to implement free education for 15 years, before the end of 13th Five-Year covering the whole province. To further improve the grants, student loans and higher education funding system for students from poor families, participatory annual subsidy of 3000 yuan per student, giving priority to student loans, should help make aid.

implementation of special care program for children with disabilities. Care for special groups, precise docking left behind children and disabled children, improve the accuracy of helping. With the civil affairs department to establish a comprehensive file of children left behind, a person to do a card. The school carries out the whole process management of the left behind children’s education, and the left behind children’s care service should be incorporated into the education system and the accountability system of the grassroots organizations and leading cadres. Improve the level of education for children with disabilities in poor areas, for the real name registration of school-age children with disabilities, to take classes to attend, sent to the door and other forms of arrangements for their compulsory education. By 2019, the rate of compulsory education for children with vision, hearing and intellectual disabilities in poor areas reached 90%.

implementation of national education quality improvement program. The scientific and steadily promote bilingual education, from pre-school to primary and secondary schools to establish and perfect the effective cohesion, teaching mode and students’ learning ability to adapt teaching resources to meet the needs of the system of bilingual teaching, bilingual teachers training program for ethnic area free, fully serviced with enough shortage of teachers. Encourage local remote schools, support Yushu, Guoluo Prefecture in Xining or haidong;