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choose a power value for yourself. Adjust the height of your seat so that your arm is bent just to keep it flat. Slowly pull the handle to the front of the chest until the distance between the two handles and shoulder width, and then slowly put the handle to the chest can be placed in the position of the two.

make sure you don’t have a straight elbow at the top. Try to do 8 to 12 repetitions. Pull the rope 21 times on each side of the rope pull the right amount of weight. Stand upright with feet together. Pull the rope around the back and grab the handle with both hands. Elbow flexion. Slowly pull the two handles down the arc. The hands cross in the lower abdomen.


hooking the bench edge toes close together. Move the body down vertically. Keep the torso and legs straight while moving. Bend your arm to 90 degrees, slow down your body until your chest touches the floor. You can feel the chest muscle stretching. And then slowly return to the opposite direction.

will relax his hands on the bench, close your feet and toes to support. Keep your torso and legs straight and move your body down vertically. Try to contract your abdominal muscles. Move your body down until your arm is bent at 90 degrees, slowly moving down to your chest and touching the bench. And then slowly return to the opposite direction.

1, lying on the bench, the natural sagging leg foot touchdown; hands each holding a 5 to 8 pound dumbbells, stretch your arms to the sides. During the movement of the elbow joint to maintain a certain bend. Start with a dumbbell. At the same time, the upper arm and parallel to the surface of your stool.

stay in this position for two seconds. Then slowly return the handle to the position. Control movement speed, each action to do 15 repetitions. Complete 3 sets of actions each time. Relax his hands vertically downward push ups. Keep one’s feet on a bench.

pull the arm up and down with the pulling force of the rope pulling device: repeat 7 times. Pull rope. Raise the arm so that his hands touch the chest position, press your chest muscles make you feel cleavage at contraction. Back to the place. Repeat 7 times. Do the last 7 repetitions. This time the hands raised to the position of the eyes to do a set of this exercise.

in order to maintain sustained tension in the chest muscles, when moving to the highest point do not completely straighten the elbow. Try to do 8 to 12 repetitions: if you find it difficult to put your feet on a low bench or floor.

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2, slowly raise dumbbell. The line of movement is curved, as if you were going to hug a big tree: the dumbbell will meet in the section. Then slowly along the original route to the arm back to the starting position. Don’t bend your back when the arm is lifted and lowered. Control movement degree, each action to do 15 repetitions. Complete 3 sets of actions each time.