Xining bus station to open a network of ticket sales in the province’s 150 post office can buy a tic

In the post office can also buy long-distance tickets in the province! April 28th, the opening of the online consignment of car passenger ticket business launch ceremony held in Xining.

Xining bus station consultation talks with the Qinghai province postal company, relying on the Qinghai province postal company outlets, a wide range of services, and has a stable information network, internet station business information network ticketing system and Xining province postal company by car, to achieve the provincial postal company belongs to the province’s 150 outlets (including Xining in 62 business outlets) real time ticket. This not only expanded the Xining bus station networking ticketing outlets, but also to make up the gap in the province’s highway network ticketing system. Booking time, according to the working hours of the postal company outlets shall prevail. (author: Li Yanfang)