Qinghai Grand Theater of the West Sea metropolis newspaper sale point open group

Qinghai Grand Theatre New Year season tickets open group! With immediate effect, the majority of readers and visitors to the Qinghai Grand Theatre in the newspaper’s advertising department to buy tickets at the point of sale, 50 from the group, you can play 5% off. Since December 8th, the Qinghai Grand Theatre in the city set up a generation point to facilitate the public to purchase, every day there are many visitors come to the consultation, booking. 12 noon, reporters at the outlets to see, to come to consult and buy the tickets to the Qinghai Grand Theater screenings have many readers in a continuous line, enterprises and units also sent staff to "Dundian" group purchase, private use, want employees to celebrate the new year with more innovative and more culture entertainment. Tickets are sold from the situation, the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra in 2013 New Year’s concert, "Swan Lake" become a popular favorite, more popular; "forever Red Star" most middle-aged people like, there are a lot of young people to buy tickets to the parents and elders; "Cinderella" not surprisingly become hot mom dad tide of child’s fairy tale present, there are many kindergartens to come to consult how to group purchase. Less than a week, the newspaper outlets have sold more than a hundred tickets. Qinghai Grand Theatre Performance season time approaching day by day, also did not buy tickets you can take 7 Road, 9 Road, 10 road, 14 Road, 15 road, 19 Road, 21 Road, 27 Road, 29 Road, 35 Road, 41 Road, 86 Road, 106 lane, 109 road to Xining Triangle Garden hotel or car, to the West West Triangle Garden City Newspaper Advertising Department building two purchase theatre sessions tickets, Tel 96369 or 8211760. (author: Zhou Jianping)

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show: Prague Philharmonic Orchestra 2013 New Year Concert

performance time: December 30, 2012 19:30 (1 field)

performing group: Prague Philharmonic Orchestra,

, Czech

– Show: "forever Red Star"

performance time: January 7, 2013 19:30 (1 field)

performing group: Russian Red Army Red Star Song and dance ensemble

show: Ballet Swan Lake

performance time: January 8, 2013 -9 19:30 (2 field)

performing group: Russian National Theatre

—- the children’s play "Cinderella"

performance time: January 19, 2013 -20 am 10:30, 16:00 PM group: Beijing children’s Art Theatre


Qinghai Grand Theater collection of image advertising can be selected for the Spring Festival season tickets

beautiful China, great beauty Qinghai, charming Xining…… A classic image of advertising with the power of self-evident. December 13th, the reporter learned from the Qinghai grand theater performance center,;