Shaanxi green two provinces strategic cooperation forum held in Xining

August 20th, Shaanxi Province, two provinces of strategic cooperation forum held in Xining. During the meeting, Luo Huining, vice governor of Shaanxi Province, vice governor of the province of entrepreneurs and a line of Li Jinzhu. Provincial Committee and vice governor Luo Yulin, vice governor of Shaanxi province Li Jinzhu attended the meeting and speech, the two sides will further strengthen economic exchanges, especially the strategic cooperation between the two provinces of state-owned enterprises conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions.

Luo Yulin first expressed his warm welcome to the arrival of Li Jinzhu and his party, and expressed heartfelt thanks to Shaanxi for its long-term support and concern for the economic and social development of Qinghai. Luo Yulin said, in the northwest region, Shaanxi Province two green humanities close, profound historical origin, has the strong compatibility and relevance in the field of industry, market, resources, talents, technology and so on, exchanges and cooperation in the long established close contact and friendship, especially in Shaanxi as the vanguard of economic development in Northwest China soldiers and big brother, not only transport a large number of projects and direct investment in Qinghai, but also brought a lot of good ideas, good experiences and good practices to promote the transformation of leapfrog development, promote the reform of state-owned enterprises. The introduction of large state-owned enterprises in Shaanxi, strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the two provinces of state-owned enterprises, the structure of Qinghai Province, the transfer of significant.

Luo Yulin pointed out that Qinghai is rich in resources, ecological importance, the current is in accelerating economic development, industry to speed up the critical period of transition, a new round of western development and national support of Tibetan areas in Qinghai province to further promote the development of policies, provides a rare opportunity for two provinces to strengthen exchanges and cooperation, bilateral cooperation has great potential broad prospects. I hope the two provinces to the strategic cooperation forum of state-owned enterprises as an opportunity to further deepen exchanges and cooperation, strengthen cooperation in the development of two province resources and other areas, close both enterprise development cooperation in emerging industries of non-ferrous metals, equipment manufacturing and other key industries and new materials, new energy etc.. At the same time, give full play to the role of platform two, the provincial SASAC in cooperation in strengthening guidance, vigorously promote industrial docking of state-owned enterprises in two provinces and all-round cooperation, to create conditions for maximizing the two complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win, the state-owned enterprises in two provinces of cooperation and exchanges to a new level.

Li Jinzhu said that in recent years, the Qinghai provincial government to unite and lead the people of the province, seize the great opportunity of western development, emancipate the mind, in the premise of shouldering the important task of ecological civilization construction, accelerate the transformation of development mode, to promote the four development, economic construction, social development and people’s livelihood is improved significantly, is worth learning from Shaanxi. He suggested that the two green Shaanxi Province in the future to give full play to complementary resources, cooperation and mature advantage, to further strengthen the operation, innovation mechanism, carry out extensive cooperation in resources development, equipment manufacturing, solar photovoltaic and other fields, and hopes to sign a strategic cooperation agreement as soon as possible in two provinces, two provinces to promote multi-level the form and comprehensive cooperation.

21, the state-owned enterprises in Shaanxi province. The delegation also went to Xining economic and Technological Development Zone, Haidong Industrial Park and other places to visit, and the construction of photovoltaic power plants, special vehicle manufacturing, coal, petroleum, natural gas and shale;