Xining various industry associations promise not arbitrary charges

August 7th, the reporter learned from the promotion of social organization and management work in Xining, Xining, to carry out industry associations and self-discipline to create activities. Various industry associations to the community to do, do not force membership, not assessed, not arbitrary charges, do not force services, do not mess up the evaluation, chaos training, and the establishment of a random recognition of small treasuries".


industry association according to industry development requirements, establish rules and organize the implementation. To formulate the corresponding quality standards and service standards, standardize the quality of products and services, and maintain the market order of fair competition. Combined with the characteristics of the industry, the establishment of social evaluation, dishonesty and other industry credit management system. Various industry associations should take the initiative to disclose to the members of major events, financial income and expenditure, the situation abroad (border) investigation, to accept donations and grants, and consciously accept the community and members of the inquiry, supervision. Public information to be true, timely, accurate and complete, not false records, misleading statements or significant omissions. (author: Zhang Yaning)