Dongchuan Xining ndustrial Park to help enterprises contrarian expansion

Xining economic and Technological Development Zone, Dongchuan Industrial Park, according to the needs of the enterprise, through communication and coordination with financial institutions, for enterprises to solve the financing at the same time, take financial subsidies and special funds for supporting measures, seize the favorable opportunity of the price of raw materials and equipment fell contrarian expansion to help enterprises, for the future development of power savings.

it is understood that this year, the successful convening of the Dongchuan Industrial Park Industrial Park enterprises and financial institutions docking will solve the problem of financing key enterprises. At the end of September, 380 million yuan of loans have been implemented for the golden sunshine, sunshine electronic energy, thinking such as copper enterprises; Asia silicon industry, Qinghai electronics business loans are speeding up the implementation. At the same time, the adverse effects to help enterprises cope with the global economic downturn, the park management committee carefully plan the screening project reporting, as of the end of July, a total of 135 million yuan of funds for special projects, to reduce the burden on enterprises and boost enterprises to cope with the crisis and difficulties of confidence and determination. In addition, the park is still the second half monthly electricity consumption of 4 million kwh more than key enterprises to implement price subsidy policy, giving the price subsidy of 1 cents per kWh, ease the pressure on enterprise funds.

in a variety of measures to help support, Asia silicon industry park, the Yellow River hydropower, energy, power electronics, optoelectronics, Sino Gold sunlight capxon electronics, shaped titanium, aluminum, copper and other enterprises Guoxin thinking of new energy and new materials industry, have on the Ma Xin project or the implementation of capacity expansion plan. It is reported that these new projects or capacity expansion projects, the fastest will be put into operation during the year. (author: Xiao Liu)