3 number one to accept public inquiry

in September 28th, 29, county Party organization "city leaders" report to the City Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee to perform a pair of "work conference held. The Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee, committee member and part party, NPC deputies and CPPCC members, the government invited the Ombudsman, media representatives and more than 50 people attended the party secretary, municipal Secretary for education Guan Xinmin, Party Secretary of the Municipal Tourism Bureau Lei Guiying, the party secretary Su Leihong and other 3 County-level party and government leaders to perform a pair of work the report, hot issues and the scene of public concern for the questions, municipal committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Ma Haiying listened to the report, based on comments, questions, grouping democratic evaluation results, the 3 leaders perform a pair of "conducted a review and put forward specific requirements.

, 3 leaders reported to perform a pair of work to everyone, not only stresses the fulfillment of honest government, the main responsibility of the Party committee, also reported their duties to fulfill the first responsibility of honest government. Both the sun and the results of the lack of drying, and in the analysis of the problems raised after the corresponding rectification measures. City Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Municipal Bureau of supervision of the research group conducted a special report on the preliminary investigation. Subsequently, more than 50 delegates were the questions of 3 people perform a pair of responsibility, in the face of relentless field questions and doubts, 3 leaders are honest answer. On this basis, review group respectively of the Council and democratic evaluation of 3 people perform a pair of "situation.

Ma Haiying at the scene of the 3 leaders perform a pair of responsibility to comment that comments on the party and government leaders to fulfill a pair of responsibility is the implementation of the party’s eighteen and the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee spirit and the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the provincial Commission for Discipline inspection of the construction of the anti-corruption system, innovation of anti-corruption supervision, strengthen democracy strengthen supervision, "top leaders" performance "a new measure of a pair of consciousness. Ma Haiying asked the 3 leaders for their work in the weak link and research group, delegates put forward opinions and suggestions of the study organize related personnel, to develop practical solutions, earnestly rectification. At the same time, we should earnestly fulfill the main responsibility, improve and perfect the accountability system, in order to improve the actual effect of honest and clean government, to provide a strong guarantee for the reform and development.