Five methods of breast health network create a masterpiece of female breasts

Chinese medicine kidney and reproductive development of female breast dysplasia, secondary sexual characteristics is not obvious, because the liver and kidney deficiency. So the Chinese medicine breast is the use of Chinese medicine from the principle of nourishing liver and kidney, spleen and stomach with a comprehensive regulation of endocrine function, so that the body of the female hormone levels increase, to promote breast two development so as to make the breast fullness, firmness of purpose.

1 in breast milk in the valley between the front 10CM around the elbow with position in prayer, Zhang Ting start line of sight to see the top of the oblique;


from the traditional Chinese medicine classification, breast enhancement is a tonic medicine, and doctor rationally according to each of the different situations symptomatic medication. It is not only breast quite good results, but also in the breast at the same time also can enhance physical fitness, improve disease resistance, improve sleep, so full of go, improving memory, regulating menstruation, delayed menopause, aging, especially frail and sick are more suitable.

Meixiong composition four: respiratory breast

"medicine food homology"

3 with 4 seconds to go, slowly exhale, relax, sharing a 8 second call, this as a gauge, breathing 8 times as the standard, more than 8 times as much as possible.

2 chest eagerly to smoke in 4 seconds over the air, hands to push, shoulder and arm will tremble, left and right arm elbow to the synthesis of a shape, this is the key to remember.

angel face and devil also is the ultimate pursuit of women and dreams, in addition to fast plastic surgery, perfect shape, breasts completely through their usual five breast enhancement method of the "practice" from

Meixiong composition two: breast

Meixiong composition five: diet breast

correct breathing method can not only provide sufficient oxygen, effectively relieve fatigue, more unexpected effect of breast. In order to lift the sagging breasts, it is the usual method of chest suction:

manual breast breast composition

editorial recommendation one can do at home to massage, called twist massage: first hands holding the brush, both hands around the breast, will be placed on the other hand heart; then follow the trend curve of the breast, the hand on the chest valleys, slightly from the nipple position to rub the armpit between, pushed up by the force between the armpit. The hand movements is two cubits flat, large shoulders rotate, forced upward elected; finally, from the beginning to the middle of the chest breast above the valley, slightly softly graze, 1 to 2 into a set of movements, according to rub 10 times and then rub the other side by 10 times.

acupuncture effect is very large, according to different points can lose weight, but also breast enhancement. Principles of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture can stimulate the glands and endocrine, the order of the pituitary hormone release, the role of the ovary, feedback activation of breast cells, promote breast development. At the same time, the blood is drained to the chest, to the breast transport nutrition, to achieve the effectiveness of breast.

: a composition of breast acupuncture breast