Adapt to the new normal cultivation of new advantages to stimulate new vitality – the story of ten t

In April 18th, the province held the first "the province to promote the main market development conference, meeting issued a" Qinghai Provincial People’s Government on speeding up the cultivation and development of the main body of the market ", this is the first system in our province full deployment policy to foster the development of paper market main body parts.

two month time, the working group will do business as their own thing, sort the problem "right away"; the working group actively into the enterprise help is not chaos, helping companies "right away"; the working group to change the style, practice the three three real strict, perfect service "immediately do".

"never seen a departmental level cadres, such a conscientious person to help enterprises solve difficulties."

"we just full of doubts into the enterprise, the working group in the end what can do for us? Two months later, not only the problem solved, the working group has become our home."

"6 years, a week of poverty, the dust settles, but thanks, I don’t know what to say."


encouraged boosted our confidence