Old cadres in the eyes of the Committee wonderful

Party secretary Wang Xiao made at the Municipal Committee of the thirteen plenary meeting of the eleven session of the speech, the future blueprint Xining more comprehensively and clearly and vividly presented in front of the public, has aroused strong repercussions within the city. Once in the work of retired cadres were all fronts in Xining, for the city’s economic and social development have made important contributions, always concerned about the development and changes in Xining, have also said: "the new blueprint and vision has been drawn, then, you have to rely on one of the hundred-percent and ensure implementation again and again." "Implement the spirit of the provincial and Municipal Committee, it is necessary to focus on the ‘Yan’ word, ‘real’ word focus." In accordance with the municipal ‘dry in the forefront of the’ requirements, firm confidence, really hard work, so that people enjoy more and more affordable." The old cadres agreed that behind the beautiful blueprint of the new, reflects Xining people every joy from the heart, also led to the city’s Party cadres and the masses of the strong resonance of a better future, inspire everyone step by step, Yang Yang advantage and characteristic, make up the short board, fill gap, the Xining job in reality, in the forefront.