Part of the public traffic will take like a passing wind.

recently, to ease the traffic pressure, reduce the pedestrian crossing the road, the traffic management departments in the district where more people flow traffic arrangements persuasion, in the persuasion process, some people do not listen to persuasion traffic reminder, put them as "like water off a duck’s back".

July 10th, at a crossroads in our city, there was a loud whistle. I saw a middle-aged man ran from the north to the south from the sidewalk, despite repeated persuasion traffic persuasion, the man is still in traffic in their own way. The man’s behavior has attracted the attention of passers-by, we have condemned and said that both pedestrians or vehicles should abide by the traffic civilization, and good traffic order requires the maintenance of common.

according to traffic instructors Zhao Master said that the current quality of the public has generally improved, 90% of people after traffic persuasion, can comply with traffic rules. But there are 10% of the people do not obey the traffic rules, and do not listen to discourage. Master Zhao called on the public to consciously abide by traffic behavior, for the city to create their own contribution to the city. (author: Zhang Chengrui)