College students can also open a clothing store business

major in French, but they want their own university life can be different, the girl opened their own clothing store, want to tap the wealth of fashion, but she really can succeed? Is it really feasible to start a new business?

The end of

"although parents said this is for my investment, but I think this is me to take their" loans ", I must put the money back to them." Fan Jie said with a smile. In the shop, do a good job in the market research and prospect planning, she formally with the home to borrow the first start-up funds, and said the time to return. "I never thought of taking their money to open a shop, I believe that with their own business, the money I will soon pay off." Fan Jie said confidently.

by virtue of the clothing collocation selection, unique vision and taste, Fan Jie dress shop business is booming, the first month after the opening there will be more than 30 thousand yuan in profits, with a monthly salary of 2 thousand and 500 yuan hired a part-time students. Now, she has returned home ten thousand yuan loan".

as a women’s clothing store owner, Fan Jie went to a popular recommendation