The five error position harm health network female breast health


a lot of women often put their hands in front of the chest posture will increase the burden on the chest. Should relax the hand of the hanging on both sides of the legs, often stretching themselves, help to improve breast shape.

(responsible editor: Teng Xiaolan)

often hunched, a long time, the compression of the chest, will affect the health of the chest. So, we should keep go with head high and chest out.

4 volt ride


due to intense pace of work, often to can’t help tayao, thereby increasing the burden of lumbar spine, hinder the blood circulation, thereby affecting the development of the pectoral muscles. So often straight waist, tired to stand against the wall for a few minutes, will make your chest comfortable.

5 sleeping

2 bend

should minimize the tummy to sleep, it is best to take back to right-wing position, or it will make serious compression of the chest, breast ptosis, depression.

3 arm

women’s desk, such as ignoring the breast health, there will be a lot of people breast fullness, chest and back pain and other muscle sour unspeakable armpit discomfort and other symptoms, these symptoms are increased, great harm to health of the female breast, and therefore must be timely prevention.