Zhongguancun to build the nternet business services offered online meeting room

as Chinese technology leader in Zhongguancun innovation and entrepreneurship field also plays a unique role in science and technology, set up special service platform — "online reception hall", to provide public services for entrepreneurs to use the Internet, greatly improving the effect of the force in the field of entrepreneurship in Zhongguancun.

ready to start a business, in the face of the ensuing office, registration, financing and other troubles, but I do not know where to get up; spent thousands of dollars, the registered company to help but simply drag dozens of genius fix…… In the future, just log in Zhongguancun online reception hall ", entrepreneurs will be the end of the pain.

homes may have completed registration? Not long ago, during the test room online online registration service, Yu Zhiyuan and his Beijing zinc off technology has enjoyed such a "fool" type of company registration services.

platform will also use the recommended