How to become a college student returning home

although the national publicity to encourage students to return back to rural entrepreneurship, and set a number of typical examples, but most of the students in the face of rural entrepreneurship is still full of worries, how to let college students entrepreneurship in rural road go more smoothly?

29 years old this year, Liu Zhenhua in the family and friends puzzled and ridicule, let your life completely change the direction. This was "over Longmen" white-collar workers in Suzhou, Shandong to return to the Heze countryside and began planting fruit and vegetable greenhouses entrepreneurial career.

he committed is the parents "for more and more poor" land. After hard work and investment in science and technology, he harvested in this land has never had a surprise parents: only in the first half of 2014, profit of nearly 200 thousand yuan. In his vision, you can also see the growing size of the automatic seedling greenhouse and cooperatives.

"to rural entrepreneurship choice should not be blind decision, need to have certain social experience and adequate psychological preparation, need the accumulation of funds, family support and reflect the individual advantages of entrepreneur." Liu Zhenhua said.

how to make way for Rural Entrepreneurship of college students go more smoothly? The research report suggested that the healthy development of urban and rural integration mechanism, the realization of "farmers" return from identity to occupation, strengthen the state of rural development, entrepreneurship policy and entrepreneurial propaganda, and create conducive to stimulate entrepreneurial enthusiasm of students in rural social environment.

and financing, the difficult problem of land, is the key factor affecting and restricting the success of College Students’ Entrepreneurship in rural. In this regard, the report suggested that the deepening of the reform of the rural land system, to build a three-dimensional compound of modern agricultural management system, innovative financial services model, the implementation of various preferential policies to support entrepreneurship.