For Piano novice three questions and answers three

although there are many investors now want to start a business shop, but because it is a novice, the industry as a whole is not enough understanding, leading to the existence of a lot of doubts about entrepreneurship. Here, small for everyone resolved according to the three piano novice asked the three answer, to see whether the novice entrepreneurs help.

1, I saw a shop 40000/ years, a total of three floors of 120 square meters, if you can earn money to sell musical instruments? Opposite the primary school.

2, I would like to enter part of the piano does not know where to enter, about a few fold or can flutter part of the goods, such as payment after the sale.

3, I want to go get some training business, with no experience, I only know some art friends, but there is no specific operation.


1, open shop, if it is comprehensive in nature, should be able to earn rent out, but on the cost and time you also need to consider carefully. Location is not very important, it is important that the demand of your city.

2, piano, piano or you can contact the factory where the provinces of an agency. For example, our music is an agent of para wrath, accept the wholesale, the price advantage; as for the air delivery of goods, is generally not possible.

3, open the line, training business should be the main way to money, you can recruit. But in the early stages of business, it may be hard. Need with the clerk about good, is paid by the hour, or two people together, according to the business into…… Advantages and disadvantages, I do not have to say. When you pay more than the beginning of the semester, the amount of business you earn more; select business into the early stages of your economic pressure is small, but later earned less.

now parents for quality education seriously, so that the piano ushered in the development of large space, very broad so, if can successfully open a piano, for future career development and wealth earned will be very favorable. So, if you are a novice, you want to open the piano line, the above three questions will be helpful to your business?