Open the wall stores Qiantu give you nine suggestions

many families have the conditions to pursue a higher quality of life, so the decoration of this line also has a new development opportunities. Whether or Home Furnishing office decoration are unavoidable, exquisite wall is the needs of the people. More and more people open decorating stores. That wall stores should pay attention to what? Let’s take a look.

Third, store location choice, the best choice in the building materials market or Home Furnishing square, decorating shop is concentrated, because people would buy building materials to the building materials used relatively concentrated, it can save a lot of time, can be better than three goods.

Fourth, store decoration, wall decoration materials store and other shops, it should be possible to choose a relatively large exhibition hall to display your products, mostly to show, with panels in addition, also a table to the cashier what ah, a few chairs or sofa, of course, is to give the customer sit a business, there is a small pavilion for wall decoration materials. A Norwegian franchise store? Remember to significant level, so as to highlight the wall quality and attract consumers eyeball.

fifth, take the goods, one is directly from the manufacturers, the other one is from agents or wholesalers that take. No matter where to get, we must choose a good reputation, reliable quality, it is best not to pressure the manufacturers or agents. The store opened up the wall, the best high middle and low wall have been prepared, various materials are samples, even the rare wall have little sample. Choose a deep color of the day kind comparison significant level, but the turnover is often not necessarily is dark but is light coloured, this is a normal phenomenon.

sixth, how to sell, sell is a lot of knowledge, learning management and marketing knowledge, using scientific methods to manage your shop, to make use of the network and other media publicity may be your shop. A wall of stores? (in addition, you need to be very understanding of your products, so only the confidence emboldened to sell to customers, sales attitude is also very important, this is not to say that everybody’s heart is also very clear. As to recruit sales staff, building materials sales experience as well, of course, have applied sales experience is better, easy to use.

seventh, the construction personnel, try to find a professional training experience, had the best master, look at their construction case.

eighth, choose a security wall material supplier, do not underestimate the accessories suppliers, many of the problems you need is the wall construction materials suppliers to help solve, and the material directly determines the quality.