Sweep the two-dimensional code what are the tricks of fraud How to safely sweep

it is convenient to our lives, or is a kind of business promotion activities, however, but there are always some criminals will use, cause even a simple two-dimensional code sweep will be full of risk, let many people suffer a loss of economic assets. Therefore, we only identify Industry Scams, so as to let more security sweep. So, to sweep the two-dimensional code what are the tricks of fraud?

sweep win? The sky will not fall pie

some people see the scan code for gift "or" sweep code free win awards event, with "not white do not mind easily scan code, but it may unknowingly implanted the virus mobile phone, mobile phone mail list, bank card number and other personal information will be stolen, then easily stolen money.

scan code cycling? Don’t be covered by false code

sharing of the bike to facilitate the lives of everyone, but the two-dimensional code on the body is likely to be criminals using fake code coverage, or in the next multi posted a toxic two-dimensional code. In the sweep of the code must be carefully identified when the bike, if the code appears after the payment page or other software links, the two-dimensional code must be a problem.

scan code to pay? Look at your payment code

criminals use some people not familiar with the use of Alipay or WeChat wallet, payment online, deliberately let the other mix your payment software "payment code" and "payment code", the "payment code" with "payment code" to cheat each other’s money.

scan code to pay a fine? Police uncle does not recognize

there are people parked in the street, the windows are labeled illegal parking list, in addition to more than a two-dimensional code, looks like a Zhen Zhang ticket. As everyone knows, this is a fake criminals, all regions of the country are not opened on the ticket to scan two-dimensional code directly to pay traffic fines.


security sweep?

do not see the code on the sweep. If QQ, WeChat and other unknown sources received two-dimensional code, do not click, do not view, ignore. As far as possible through the official website, the official micro-blog or through the official micro channel authentication and other official channels to obtain the relevant two-dimensional code information.

installation safety testing software. Install security software or two-dimensional code detection tools on mobile phones and other mobile terminals. If you install the software through the two-dimensional code, after the installation of the best anti-virus software to scan the phone again and then open.

uses security verification payment software. For the payment of the two-dimensional code recommended